Bringing institutions on to the blockchain

A democratic real estate fund built on the Ethereum blockchain network. The fund is newly formed by real estate professionals of Southern California. 

Petro Coin is an oil and gas fund that will be backed by assets across United States. The fund will become the first oil and gas fund to issue security tokens to its investors and simplify revenue interest distributions without any middle men involved. 

An institutional commercial real estate fund on the blockchain, sponsored by TwinRock Partners , that is making prime American real estate accessible to investors worldwide. TwinRock Partners is led by a best in class management team whom have over 80 years of combined experience.


Tokenizing asset ownerships, which currently live in the inefficient world of paper certificates, will provide digital efficiency to real assets.

Accessible Worldwide
Easier access for all investor types anywhere worldwide
Assets can now be traded which provides liquidity to assets that traditionally were illiquid
Management Efficiency
Technology provides greater efficiency in fundraising and managing investors. Increased efficiency from limiting intermediaries for both issuers and investors


We facilitate the complete transformation of assets into digital token assets. This starts with a full analysis of the asset and performing a full financial restructuring while working with legal support to fit a digital framework. Thereafter, the token issuance process is established within our platform in a fully compliant manner.


BlockFunder operates as a full service investment bank, positioned for the new age of technology. Through our network of partners in legal, finance, accounting, and technology, we provide a streamlined process to turn real assets into digital assets.
Digital Asset Restructuring
  • Full legal and accounting review
  • Structure Assets into a digital asset framework
  • Maximize business model to benefit from the digital asset functions
BlockFunder Compliant Token Platform
  • KYC & AML, and Accredited Investor checks
  • Cryptocurrency and cash payment acceptance
  • Full electronic signature and delivery of documents to investors
Life-time Token Management
  • Investor Management platform
  • View outstanding tokens, and update compliance settings
  • View and update investment reports through proprietary platform


BlockFunder’s broad-based investment banking experience extends to include capital raises, financial advisory, and M&A services in Real Estate, Oil & Gas, and Banking. Below are some traditional transactions executed by Asset Market's principals in their careers.

The Office Apartments

Structured and underwrote $15 million preferred equity investment alongside DeBartalo Development, in the conversion of a downtown Atlanta office building (250 Piedmont) into a luxury multifamily building. Upon completion the project became a 22 story high-rise with 328 class A units.

United Oil Acquisition

Buy-side advisory services to Fortress Investment Group in the acquisition of United Oil valued at over $500 million. United Oil was a major retail petroleum chain with over 130 sites in prime California locations.

Daphne’s Sale to Victory Park Capital

Management and consultant to Daphne’s ownership. Provided support and advisory in the subsequent sale to Victory Park Capital.Daphne’s is a casual dining chain out of California with 50+ locations that serves and caters Mediterranean food.

Oil and Gas with Paxion Capital

Co-investor and advisor to Paxion Capital in the acquisition of a multi-million dollar working interest in the Wattenberg Field outside of Denver, Colorado. The operators in the various mineral leases are Ward Petroleum and Verdad Oil & Gas. Paxion Capital was co-founded by James Davidson of Silver Lake Management, Michael Marks of Riverwood Capital, and Fritz Wolff of The Wolff Company.